{Girl's Weekend}

Last weekend, I headed out to PK for some much needed r-n-r with a few of my girlfriends (Suzanne, Stacy & Niki).  We all were in need of a weekend off from motherly/wifely duties.  This is the same group that went to Houston almost 10 years ago for Suzanne’s bachelorette party. 

While I can say some things have changed (we weren’t out clubbing or riding around in limos all weekend), we definitely still had a blast. 

We drove out on Friday night and before we left, I had Jarrad snap a picture of the four of us.  We were all so excited, we could hardly wait.  We loaded up into the car and headed out West to PK.  IMG_6770


After we arrived and got everything out of the car, the real fun began.  We cranked up the tunes, started drinking beer, danced around like we were teenagers at a sleep over, then played a few games before we finally gave in to sleepiness and headed to bed around 3:00. 

The next morning, we woke up to rain beating on the a/c unit in the bedroom and couldn’t stay asleep any longer.  We got up, went out to the porch, but quickly retreated back into the house because it was too cold.

We made mimosas and started a few movies.  We were all so excited to be able to watch a movie from beginning to end without having to fill up someone’s milk or help someone pick out some jammies or make sandwiches, etc. 

We had some lunch, played a few games, had a few beers, then retreated back to the couches for some more movies.  Suz crashed out on the couch (with her beer in hand).  We decided to just let her sleep since Colton gets up every morning around 5:00am.  She took a six hour nap :)



IMG_6775 On Sunday morning, we had to pack everything up and head home.  We were all so sad to be leaving, but hope to get back out there this summer so we can float around in the lake :) 

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