San Antonio visit

Megan had a four day weekend, so we loaded up the car and headed to SA.  We drove down on Thursday night after work and school.  It rained on us the whole way.  I was so glad when we finally got there. 


We always have such a great time when we’re there.  We visited with meme and poppy when we got there.

***Poppy & Rachael***IMG_6472 

Friday, Taylor had taken the day off to go to the deer lease, but since the weather was so horrible, he cancelled his trip.  It worked out great because we got to hang out with him and Luke. 


Luke is crawling everywhere and definitely starting to “get into” things.  Meme and Poppy had to break out some of the childproofing stuff, so Luke couldn’t get into anything. 

***Luke Wray Jordan***IMG_6492 IMG_6493 

Meg loved playing with Luke.  She wants so bad to pick him up and carry him everywhere…but, seeing as he weighs half her weight, it’s pretty tough. 

***Meg holding Luke***IMG_6549 

On Saturday, Meg and I had plans to meet the Middletons for some ice skating (more to come on that).  Before we met them, we ran a few errands with Meme and Poppy. 


Meg wanted a snack, so we went to Cold Stone Creamery for some ice cream.  Megan chose cotton candy with no mix-in.  IMG_6576 IMG_6577 IMG_6580

***Meg in all her stickiness & beautiful Meme***IMG_6581


On Sunday, we went to church with Meme and Poppy, watched the horrible Cowboy game, and then Taylor, Ruth, Luke, Kyle & Sheryl all came over for dinner to celebrate Meme’s birthday. 


All day, Meg carried or pushed her babies with her everywhere.  IMG_6592     IMG_6622

On Monday, we headed home.  We were both sad to be leaving SA, but happy to be heading home to see Jarrad.  Being gone for 4 days is hard sometimes. 

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