Dinner with great friends

Friday night, after Jamie and I took the kiddos to Hawaiian Falls, we all agreed on Italian food for dinner.  We loaded up in the car and headed to Arlington for dinner Macaroni Grill.


We were all starved by the time we got there.  We quickly decided on a meal and placed our orders.  To keep the kids entertained, we had the balloon artist make the kids some balloon dogs.  The dogs actually kept there minds off how hungry they were. 




After we enjoyed our meals, Jamie told the waiter that we were celebrating Megan’s birthday.  When the staff came out to sing Happy Birthday to Meg, they asked her “How old are you?”  She said “I’m going to be six”.  Luckily for me, Jamie was thinking on her feet and told the staff that we were celebrating early.  (Meg’s birthday isn’t until Aug 31.)

Meg loved having everyone sing a special Happy Birthday song to her.  She smiled the entire time.  I’m so glad that she doesn’t embarrass easy. 


We headed for the lake on Saturday.  I have tons of pictures to post, just need to sort through them. 

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