PK Trip

Saturday, Jamie and I loaded up the kids and headed out to my MIL’s lake house at PK for the rest of the weekend.  I was so happy to be heading out there because we haven’t made it out there this summer. 


After we got to the house (around 4), we put on our swimming suits and headed straight to the lake.  The kids had a blast jumping off the dock while Jamie and I enjoyed floating.  We stayed in the lake for about 3 hours before calling it a night.  Surprisingly, the kids didn’t fight us on coming in.  I think after a day at Hawaiian Falls they were worn out. 


Jamie and I had so much fun relaxing, reading and watching the kids play.  Maddie, Layton and Meg get along so well!  Maddie turned nine in April and Layton turned 6 in May.  I love that they are all at an age where they get along so well.  Don’t get me wrong, we had our moments, but they were few and far between. 


All weekend, the girls were playing Avatar.  All three of the kids are obsessed with the movie and have been trying to “learn the language”.  It was super adorable to watch the girls.  Maddie would actually take notes while they were watching the movie.  I love their imaginations. 

***Me & Jamie, my beautiful best friend***OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Sunday morning, we had a bite for breakfast and then headed back to the lake for some more swimming.  We swam and floated for about 3 hours, then called it a day.  We didn’t want to leave, but we all needed to head back to reality (boo). 

***Maddie & Megan***     OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

After an amazing weekend with my best friend and her kiddos, it was time to say good-bye.  We all had a great time and wished it could have lasted longer! 

***Layton & Megan***

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