The Boompaw Way

Meg’s second tooth has been loose for a few weeks now.  As with her first tooth, she has been letting anyone that is willing wiggle her loose tooth.  For the past week, Meg has been complaining that her tooth has been hurting.  Every day, the tooth would get looser and looser, but we still couldn’t get it out.  Jarrad and I both tried. 

Saturday, Meg and I went over to Boompaw & Nawnaw’s house to swim.  When Meg saw Boompaw, she told him that he had a loose tooth and that she wanted him to pull it with a pair of pliers. 

After swimming and dinner, Meg asked Boompaw to get his pliers out.  Of course, Boompaw can’t say no to Meg, so he grabbed his pliers and Meg pulled up a chair.  Nawnaw assisted by holding a flashlight. 

The dental procedure went off with no problems. 

***Boompaw grabbed the pliers*** IMG_3477

***the he grabbed a hold of her tooth***IMG_3478

***one quick pull and it was out***IMG_3479

***I think they were both equally surprised***IMG_3480

***Meg was all smiles afterwards***IMG_3484

***Thanks Boompaw***IMG_3486

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Anonymous said...

Boompaw is the Bomb!! Wow...I kind of hurt just looking at those pics!! Congrats on the tooth, Miss Meg!

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