4th snow day

Today is our 4th snow day.  The roads have been so horrible here that all area schools have been closed every day this week except on Monday.  Meg was very excited the first day, but by the end of the second day, she was crawling the walls.  She wanted to get out of the house so bad that I was able to talk her into going to work with me on Thursday. 

Thursday morning, Meg and I went to my office in downtown Fort Worth.  There was hardly anyone on the roads, so the traffic was ok.  There were ruts in the ice where others had ventured to work, so I stayed in those and took my time. 

It was good for both Meg and me to get out of the house.  We were starting to go stir crazy. 

This morning, we woke up to about 5 inches of snow on the ground.  It was beautiful, but short lived.  It started melting early afternoon.  It was beautiful while it lasted, but I’m ready for the warmer weather.  As a Texan, I’m not built to handle the frigid temperatures that have been with us for the past four days. 


***our backyard***

***a beautiful white blanket***

***the dogs didn’t want to go outside, I had to make them***

***dog prints***

***frozen furniture***

***the view out my front door***

***already melting on the patio***IMG_7340

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