A cold start

February has gotten off to a cold, cold, cold start.  The early morning of Feb 1, we had thunderstorms with snow and sleet.  Meg was excited because she got a “snow day” from school. 

Jarrad had the day off and wasn’t able to slide out of the driveway, so he and Meg played outside for a while.  I was working, so only stepped outside long enough to snap a few pictures. 


Unfortunately, it was only ice and not snow, so there wasn’t any snowmen being built or snowballs being thrown.  Meg was able to slide down our driveway on a rubber made storage bin lid.  She seemed to like that. 


I love Jarrad in this shot.  He was actually adjusting his hat, but it looks like he’s excited about Meg coming down the driveway. 


We are living in a frozen world these first few days.  The temperature isn’t supposed to reach above freezing until Saturday.  Friday we are scheduled to get snow.  We can’t wait. 

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