Meg’s first Rodeo

Saturday, Nawnaw and I took Megan to the rodeo.  This was actually my first time to sit through the entire FW rodeo as well.  Jarrad and I tried to go with Luke and Patty one year, but Jar had an asthma attack, so we had to leave early. 


Meg and I had to go up super early to pick up our tickets from will call.  Since it was a little cold, we headed straight into the coliseum.  Meg had tons of questions (and I had very little answers). 


While Meg and I were waiting for Nawnaw to get there and for the show to start, Meg claimed she had to have some cotton candy.  She said she wanted to have some before Nawnaw got there because she didn’t want Nawnaw to eat it all.  While she was eating cotton candy, she asked me if I knew why it was called cotton candy.  Before I could answer she told me that it was called cotton candy because it “gets caught in your throat.”  All these years I thought it was “cotton” candy…turns out, it’s “caught in” candy. 


Megan has mixed feelings about the rodeo.  She has such a big love for animals, so the calf roping and steer wrestling were a little much for her.  When the first calf was roped, she gasped audibly when it hit the end of the cowboys rope and flipped.  While the cowboy was tying the calf up, she had huge tears in her eyes.  When I asked her what her favorite part of the rodeo was, she told me “when the baby cows got away from the cowboys.”  She did love the barrel racing and the bull riding and has already asked if we can go back. 


Meg had an overall good day and we were super happy that Nawnaw was able to spend it with us.  Nawnaw, thank you for being such a big part of our lives. 


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