It's Friday for me...

I'm so excited. I have a four day weekend ahead of me. So glad.

We have big plans...as follows:
Friday: Jarrad has to work, so I'm going to take Meg to her first movie. We're going to go see Shrek - she's so excited. She wants to get popcorn and a sprite. Not sure who told her that popcorn and a movie go together, but she wants it.

Saturday: Meg and I will probably get out to run a few errands while Jarrad is working. Later in the afternoon, I'm taking Megan over to Luke and Patty's house for the night. Jarrad and I have tickets to Country Thunder for Saturday and Sunday, so Luke & Patty are going to watch Meg for us. We'll pick her up on Monday.

Sunday: As I mentioned, Jarrad and I are going to Country Thunder...I'm really excited about it. One of my cousins is going to be in town with his wife for the concert, so we're going to get to hang out with them all weekend.

Monday: I'm sure we will be recovering. We'll also be picking Meg up from Luke and Patty's.

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