Wet, Wet, Wet Weekend

What a WET weekend we had in Texas. Let me start at the beginning...

Friday, I had the day off from work. Meg had been wanting to go see Shrek 3, so I decided to chance it with her. We went to the 10:20am showing. I thought that seeing a movie first thing in the morning would be best...guess I was hoping that we'd have the theater to ourselves. No such luck. It was packed from wall to wall! I guess everyone thought the way I did. Meg wanted to have the full movie experience, so we had to buy some popcorn and something to drink. She opted for a sprite. As soon as the previews started, Meg turned to me and said "It's too loud, can you turn it down?" Imagine explaining to a 2.5 year old that the volume can't be turned down - especially considering she's in the "why" phase. So, after we got the volume issue settled, she sat still for about 15 or 20 minutes. She then decided that she wanted to watch the movie from my lap. So, she sat in my lap for about 30 more minutes. Around 11:35, she turned to me and said "I'm ready to go home". So, we loaded up our stuff and headed home. I was actually surprised that she lasted as long as she did.

Saturday, Meg and I got out to run a few errands (it's what we do on Saturdays). We went to Walmart and then to Academy to buy some rain gear. Jarrad and I had tickets to a huge, outdoor concert in Ennis, TX. Seeing as it had been raining for the past month and rain was in the forecast for the future, we decided it would be best to invest in some rain gear.

Saturday after our nap, we took Meg over to Luke and Patty's house, then headed to the concert. We met up with our group at the Lake Bardwell State Park for a few adult beverages and then headed to the concert. We saw Reba and Cross Canadian Ragweed. Reba was great, Cross Canadian not so good. The concert grounds was one giant mud field. The picture below is of our Reserved "LAWN" Seats...I don't see any "LAWN" here!

Here was "porta potty central". It was such a wet weekend, but we had a blast. We will definitely remember the weekend forever. I'm sure we'll look back at one point and say "what were we thinking?!?"

Because of the rain, the Sunday performances for the "Country Thunder" concert were cancelled. We were all bummed - George Straight was supposed to play that night. Since there wasn't anything that we could do, we packed up and headed back to Mansfield.

Sunday night, we went back to Mansfield and cooked dinner over at some friends house and visited. We were all so excited to get a shower and get all the mud off. My cousin, JohnA, and his wife, Caty, stayed with us. It was so good to see them - they were in town for the concert. Caty and JohnA are expecting a little girl in October. They look so happy - and of course, Caty (see picture below) looks amazing as always.

Monday, I picked Meg up from her grandparents house in the morning. Then we went over to some friends house so Meg could play with her friend Brylie. They played and screamed and ran around like crazy little girls. But, they both had a blast. Below is a picture of the girls playing dress up. Brylie isn't that much taller than Megan, she's just standing on a stool.

That's all for now!

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