Swimming is over...

Last night was Meg's last night of Spring swimming lessons. She did wonderful. She graduated to a swim alone class - that should be interesting. We start that class a week from Saturday. Meg is going to be sad next Monday night when we don't go to swimming lessons. I tried to get her a class on the same night, but unfortunately there weren't any classes available.

Jarrad went with us to take pictures...he took 230 pictures! Keep in mind the class is only 30 minutes long. Needless to say, I haven't had a chance to really look through them yet. Hopefully he got a few good shots of Meg's last night of swimming lessons with me.

I'm so proud of her. She has come so far in the past 14 weeks. When we started, she couldn't hold her breath at all...now, she can swim three feet unassisted and hold her breath for 10 seconds! It has been an amazing process. It was such a great experience to watch Meg (and the other children) come so far with their breath control.

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Wendy WL said...

I googled "Mansfield Texas swim lessons" and it came up with your blog. I live in Mansfield and have a 4 year old daughter. I am looking for good swim lessons for her. Can you recommend a good place? She really didn't learn much from her lessons last summer.

Thank you,
Wendy WL

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