Great weekend...

Meg and I had a great weekend. We went to SA and you won't believe this...but, I didn't take ONE picture! I'm so sad that I didn't.

We drove down to SA on Tuesday so Meg could see her Meme and Poppy...they were leaving to go out of town on Thursday, so we decided to go in Tuesday so Meg could hang out with them for a few days. That night, Taylor & Ruth came over to mom and dad's for dinner.

Wednesday night, we went to El Jarro for dinner. It just isn't a trip to SA if we don't go to El Jarro.

Thursday morning, meme and poppy left for the coast. That night, Meg and I went over to Ruth and Taylor's for dinner and a movie...Meg's choice was Dumbo and then Monsters, inc. We really had a great time with some one-on-one time with Taylor & Ruthie. Meg's so lucky to have such a GREAT aunt and uncle.

Friday night, we had the Middleton's over to my parent's house for dinner. I always LOVE seeing Jamie, Lath and the kids. Megan, Maddie and Layton play well together - most of the time anyway. It's always amazing to me that they remember each other even though we only get to see them about two or three times a year.

Saturday afternoon, we went over to Ruth & Taylor's for a baby shower for Tim and Steffani Smith. The shower was great and they really got some wonderful things. I can't wait for the baby to get here. They have opted not to find out what they're having and we all can't wait to find out. We stayed over at Taylor and Ruthie's until about 8:30 or so then headed back to my parent's. Meg actually fell asleep on the way home (which is about a 7 minute drive). I guess the long weekend had finally caught up with her.

Today, we drove back home to Mansfield. I knew it was going to be a long drive when Meg started asking "How much longer" only minutes after we had pulled out of my parent's neighborhood. So, she asked me that same question about every 15 minutes. It made for a long trip - I'm glad we're home.

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