Thank you Megan!

Tonight, while Megan was in my bedroom watching a movie, her RED Gatorade some how made it's way to the carpet. I have to say that she did come and tell me...however, the conversation went like this:

Meg: Puppy knocked over my Gatorade.
Me: Are you saying that you spilled Gatorade?
Meg: No, Puppy spilled it. I've already put him in time out.
Me: Is there Gatorade on my carpet? I don't care who put it there.
Meg: Ummmmm...yes, puppy spilled it.

I rushed into my room only to find that there wasn't one spill, there were two! So, I sent Meg to bed (it was past her bed time anyways) and ran to Walmart to buy the Bissell Spot Bot. OMG - I'm in love with this machine! It got the Gatorade out of the carpet. YEAH!

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Darla said...

It is so good to know, that it really works on spills that tough.

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