I love it when...

...I come across a picture of Megan that was somehow misfiled on my computer.

This picture was taken in September 2005. Meg was almost 13 months old. I can't believe how she's grown. I miss those round cheeks, her chunky thighs, the fact that I could pick out her clothes without having to fight her about it, the fact that she was probably the only 13-month old I knew who would have a complete melt down morning and night because she didn't want me to STOP brushing her teeth, her obsession with the Wiggles, her willingness to wear bows in her hair, lazy Sundays out in the back yard laying on a blanket, endless supply of kisses, the way she said "suckie" - her pet name for her pacifier, the sweet way she said "I wuv you", her favorite friend "puppy" (who, now has a complete puppy family - all her favorite), the way she would snuggle with me every night before bed time while we were curled up in her rocking chair reading Dr. Suess...

...I could go on and on and on, but won't bore anyone with the momminess of it all. What amazes me is that I can remember taking that picture. That is an outfit that my Aunt Lanie bought Meg for her birthday and I wanted to take the picture while Meg was still clean and fresh. We were actually on our way out the door, heading to day care and work. It seems like it was just yesterday, but at the same time I feel like Meg has always been in our lives. Funny how time can be two things at once!

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Shannon said...

Very sweet!
Isn't it amazing how looking at a picture can bring back so many memories?

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