My Real Life...

OK, I know I'm supposed to be working, but I couldn't help but want to join in on all the fun :) Here is a peek into my "real life".

  • Below you'll find picture from around my house of the following:
  • Fridge
  • Closet
  • Kitchen
  • Toilet
  • Favorite Shoes
  • Favorite Room
  • Laundry Room
  • Self Portrait


From the outside, it appears to be a normal fridge...the streaks prove it. I'd clean it more often, but it's a wasted effort, after all my daughter or husband will just get it dirty again. Meg loves to put her hands all over it and Jarrad always drips water from the dispenser when he's getting a drink. OK, not always, but more than I do :)

Inside isn't too bad...I mean, it's been a lot worse. I try to clean my fridge out every two weeks. I'm the queen of throwing stuff away. Jarrad gives me hell for throwing stuff away that has just expired..."Sorry Honey - I just can't make myself eat it if I know it's expired".
Please show me what's behind door number ONE.
Not too bad...
Getting worse...
It's rock bottom...
I'd like to pretend that my closet doesn't always look like this, but the truth is I don't like cleaning it because it will look like this in two days anyway...so, I just leave it messy. Of course, I will get to my breaking point, cave in, and clean it up...but, it won't last.

Yes, my kitchen sink is for the most part always clean. I cook in the kitchen almost every night, so I don't want to have to do dishes, then cook, then do more dishes...so, I just try to keep it clean. I think there is a wooden spoon, a cup, and sponge in there right now.

Well, at least that is what my husband thinks it is ;) I'm just excited that this toilet closet has a door. I'd open the lid, but I'm not sure what's in there and to be honest, I don't want to know. I don't clean toilets - just the thought of it makes me gag!!!

These are my fave shoes right now. Actually, any pair of my TEVA flip flops would be classified as my faves. I wear flip flops year round. I love them. It also makes me get pedicures more often since people will be able to see my toes.

My absolute most favorite place in my house has to be my scrapbook room. I love love love this room. It allows me to leave my work out if I want. Sometimes I just don't know exactly what I want to do with a lay out, so this allows me to leave it out and play around with it before sticking anything to the page. At times, it's horribly messy, but I like to refer to it as creative chaos. I actually sit in this office all day every day because it also doubles as my home office. I work as an EA from home, so I had to find a place to set up home office. I have two desks. One is my creative table top for bow making, scrapbooking, card creating, writing letters (yes, I still write letters - my grandparents don't have e-mail), etc. The other desk hold my work laptop, my personal laptop, and all my printers (all in all, I have three printers...one is for pictures only, the other for my personal computer, and the third is a scanner/copier/fax combo for work).
Even thought I'm in here at least 8 hours a day, I could spend 8 hours a night in here working on my creative arts. It sure beats the kitchen table ;)

Here is my laundry room. I'm in the middle of doing some laundry, so there are towels on the top (and in the basket) and, my sheets are on the floor. I have a door to the outside world in my laundry room - how easy it would be to skip out on my wifely/motherly duties...but, I know the laundry won't do it's self (bummer).


UGH - I hate taking pictures...that didn't come out right. I LOVE to take pictures, just not of myself. I should say - I hate being in pictures :)

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Joy said...

Whatever! You're pretty... and your house is awesome! Love the kitchen! And I LOVE LOVE LOVE your flip flops.

Jessica said...

You're so cute. Your office. Your kitchen. love it.

I love flip-flops too! Although in Iowa, NOT year round.

SO glad you played hookey for a bit to play w/ us!

Dana said...

Great self portrait! I don't think anyone likes being in pictures. Your house is very nice. Oh, and Teva flip flops to match my favorite Teva shoes, sweet! I don't do flip flops much, only when I go for the pedi.

Anne Elizabeth said...

Your house is awesome. I love your the whole kitchen area. Those flips rock. Where did you get them?

McMommy said...

YOU.ARE.BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!! Fantastic self-portrait!

And that stainless steel fridge is just sooooooo lovely! I puffy heart stainless steel fridges! Sadly, I don't have one. So I'll just come back every so often to your blog to visit yours.

Kristen said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE your house! A scrapbook room?? Oh, that is fabulous!

ANd yes, the camo flip flops are to die for! The pedi with the flower is super cute too!

Thanks for dropping by, and I puffy heart your blog design! :)

Michael and Shelly Ryan said...

Ok so I read your newest It's Real Life before I found this one and I did get to see more of your house. I was right it is great. Don't worry about taking pictures you are really very photogenic. Also, where did youget the flip flops?

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