My Real Life...part 2

Jessica at Farm Fresh Iowa is hosting another Real Life today. Of course, I'm joining in. Today, on her list is curb appeal, junk drawer, favorite jewelry, blogging space, best feature.


I love our house. We moved here two years ago and couldn't be happier.


Just opening my junk drawer gives me anxiety. It's always such a mess. When we moved in, I bought a handful of small drawer baskets, but it didn't seem to help keep it organized. O'well, that's why it's called a JUNK DRAWER!


My engagement ring and wedding band have to be my favorite. I'm not much of a jewelry girl, but I always wear these rings.


My home office/scrapbook room. Although, I've been known to blog from the living room, the bedroom, the back patio, the driveway, etc. Thanks to a laptop with wireless capabilities, I can blog from anywhere I want :) Life's good.


OK, so I know my feet aren't that pretty, but I like them. I know I already have a flip flop tan, but I usually have my flip flops on, so you normally wouldn't be able to tell. my feet have to be the only part of my body that wasn't affected by my pregnancy (you won't find any stretch marks here).

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Amy Bennett said...

i love your house!!

Heather said...

i am lovin your house!!! I bet it is beautiful on the inside!! I too bought a little organizer for my junk drawer. In less than a week it was already crazy!

Anne Elizabeth said...

Cute "real life". Love the toes:)

Jenny Shutan said...

love your house..
happy real life day!

gina said...

LOVE your house!!
I think your junk drawer is the most authentic "junk" drawer I've seen so far- over stuffed with everything!
The flip flop is funny-but at least you have a tan. The tan I jump started on our trip to Florida in May is fading fast. :(

Joy said...

Your house is amazing! Very nice!!! You've got the best junk drawer I've seen yet!

Michael and Shelly Ryan said...

OH MY I LOVE YOUR HOUSE!!! I too bet the inside is just as great. Maybe in other Real Life posts we will see more.

Farm Fresh Jessica said...

Your curb appeal has me sold.!

Love the pedi. Can you come do mine? I can barely reach these days...

Totally coveting the laptop & the wireless!

Kristen said...

Oh I love your big Texas house! Complete with star and all. LOVE IT!

And the pedi is awesome. And, yes, my dear, you do have pretty feet!

Thank goodness mine don't have stretch marks either! :)

mom2natnkatncj said...

Cute house and I love how nicely painted your toe nails are. I never seem to get my nails painted that nice. I don't like my feet though ;). So do you do them yourself or do you get a pedicure?

Maggii said...

i really like your house..and your foot is cute....gotta love a flip flop tan

Shannon said...

OMG cute feet, I love the polish, so adorable!! I love your house, it's just amazing!

Amy said...

Beauty of a house!

I have a flipflop tan too, so don't feel so bad!! Toes are brilliant! love!
Thanks for sharing..

Rach (Mommy Learns to Blog) said...

LOVE your house! Absolutely beautiful from the outside, would love to see more of the inside! And I think your toes look awesome! You just reminded me that I haven't gotten a pretty little flower on my big toe in ages. With my back pain, it's hard for me to sit for a pedi, although I do have to suck it up soon for beauty's sake!

Laura said...

LOVE the nail polish!! SO cute!

Marfa said...

Gorgeous house outside...and inside, your kitchen faucet, sink, fridge...lucky you!

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