Dance or Soccer???

Anyone who knows me, knows that I'd rather have Meg play soccer than take dance. That being said, I had made the decision to put her in soccer this fall. However after all the dancing she's been doing lately, and the joy I see on her face while she's doing it, we've decided to put her in a dance class. (Darla - where do you take Brylie? Is it a step in time?).

Meg is so excited about it that she can hardly keep quiet about it.

Yesterday, I took Megan over to her grandparents house to spend the day and night with them. When she arrived home today, this is how she was dressed...

This outfit was Aunt Stacy's when she was a little girl. Meg informed me that Nawnaw said she can sleep in it. I'm not looking forward to tomorrow morning when I have to get it off her so she can go to day care. I'm already having a fight with her about putting her swimsuit on for swimming lessons.

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Chelle said...

She is so adorable!
I think it's good you are letting her do both...then she can decide which she likes best.
Can't wait to hear all the posts on soccer and dance class!

Motherhood for Dummies said...

ha ha too cute!

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