First Annual Jordan/Ramsey Family Vacation

...we're going to have to come up with a shortened name for our Annual Jordan/Ramsey Family Vacation (that's too much typing). So, to the stories.

Thursday afternoon, Jarrad, Meg and I loaded up the truck to head to Possum Kingdom lake for the family vacation. Meme and Poppy met us up there on Thursday night.

The vacation officially kicked off on Friday morning when everyone started arriving. Kyle & Sheryl arrived Friday morning. Meg was so excited to see her Aunt & Uncle. Of course, she just had to take them swimming. So, after unloading their car, we all put on our swimming suits and headed to the dock for some swimming.

***Kyle & Sheryl***

***Jarrad & Ace***

Friday evening, Taylor and Ruth arrived. As you can guess, we helped them unload their car, then headed down to the lake for more swimming and visiting. We were all so excited to finally be together.

***Taylor & Ruth***

***Big Unk & Megan***

That night, we ate burgers and hot dogs prepared by my fabulous hubby. Meg missed dinner because she fell asleep, but we all had a great time visiting. It's always so hard for us all to be together because of work scheduled. Kyle & Sheryl both work weekends and nights, so for us to be able to work out a weekend was awesome.

***Napping Meg***

After dinner, we headed outside to play a game called "Read My Lips". It's one of my dad's favorite games ;) Actually, he completely sucks at this game because he's that person who will only look you in your eyes when you're talking. We drew names and set up teams. The teams were Meme & Ruthie, Allison & Sheryl, Kyle & Taylor, Jarrad & Poppy. The girl teams definitely had an advantage and didn't have to cheat. The boys cheated and still lost.

***Read My Lips***
The Wild Party Game of Unspoken Words!

We played until it was too dark to see any more, then just talked a little more. Eventually, we all headed to bed for a good night's rest. We had plans for Saturday that would require rest. More on that tomorrow.

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Chelle said...

I love the pic of her napping! How cute!!
I've never played that game, but it sounds like a lot of fun!! Thanks for sharing :)

Angelique said...

Megan is adorable! I love the way kids can just crash anywhere.

Carol said...

That looks like a terrific nap!

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