We had a two part vacation last week :) It all started on Tuesday night...we loaded up the truck and headed out west to the ranch. Jarrad had a few things he needed to get done out there, so off we went. Honestly though, I don't consider our trip to the ranch part of our vacation. Jarrad worked his butt off while we were out there. He had to fill feeders, trim trees, haul off trash, and move two blinds and one feeder...among other things.

Meg loves being out at the ranch as much as Jarrad. We actually took Meg out coyote hunting on Wednesday night. I was surprised at how well she did. We had to sit in the dark while Jarrad called up coyotes and be very still and quiet. We must have sat out there for about 45 minutes and Meg never complained once. She actually had a great time. She was sad we didn't get to shoot a coyote, but maybe next time.

***Little Miss Sassy Britches***

Jarrad hates it when I take his picture - I have a lot of him flipping off the camera...
...then, Meg called me and said "take my picture"....here you have it - she's "flipping off" the camera. Jarrad laughed so hard when she did this.
Below is a picture of Jarrad and Megan on Wednesday. They were sneaking up on a tank to see if there were any bull frogs.
All-in-all, we had a lot of fun at the ranch and Jarrad got a lot done. We left the ranch on Thursday morning and headed back to Mansfield to unload and re-load for our vacation at Possum Kingdom Lake...stay tuned for pictures and stories :)

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Chelle said...

It looks like so much fun! I've never been to a ranch, but it looks great!!
Can't wait for even more pics and stories :)

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