Another visit to Urgent Care

yes, we had to go to Urgent care again! This makes our 7th trip in 8 weeks. I wrote about our other visits here.

Meg spent the night with Boompaw and Nawnaw on Thursday night after we had spent the day at the zoo with Nawnaw. I met Nawnaw at the car wash in Irving to do the "swap" and when Meg walked up, I couldn't believe what I was seeing.

My poor little girl's eye was almost swollen shut. She has allergies and when they flare up, they settle in her eyes. Never, has it been this bad, so I was a little concerned. I immediately called the doctor's office to see if he could see her. He was on vacation for Spring Break, so they only appt available was 3:45 with the nurse practitioner. I didn't want to wait that long, so we headed down to Mansfield and went to Urgent Care.

We called ahead and arrived around 12:15. They finally called us back around 12:30 and we were able to see the doctor. I explained to the doctor that Meg and I had been at the park earlier in the week and she was throwing wood chips in the air. I was thinking that something may have fallen in her eyes. The doctor looked in her eyes, nose and throat. She ran a strep test on her throat (negative) and a dye test in Meg's eyes.

The dye test was so weird. In the room, her eye appeared orange. When the lights were turned off and the eye light was turned on, it glowed yellow. The doctor didn't find anything in Meg's eye. She flushed both of her eyes out with a saline wash, prescribed Meg an antibiotic and eye drops and sent us on our way.

***Meg in the car with her swollen eye***
sorry for the blurry picture - was taken with my phone
***Meg in the exam room***

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caty said...

Ausley's eyes do the same thing with allergies and just full of infected snot! amazing- she had it in both eyes so badly one time the doctor just looked at me and told me she was a "total pus head!" double eye and ear infection. i am so sorry!

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