Another Milestone

For about two months, Meg has had a loose tooth.  She has been letting anyone and everyone put their hands in her mouth to feel it wiggle.  Truth is that when she first told us it was loose, about mid-January, it wasn’t even budging…but, she wanted to have a loose tooth so bad that I think she forced it to start wiggling.  By March, it definitely had a little wiggle to it. 

Anyone who knows me, knows how much I HATE the idea of loose teeth.  As a child, I wouldn’t let anyone near my mouth when I had a loose tooth.  The thought of it makes me gag. 

Last Wednesday, we went to a Ranger’s game (stay tuned for a post about that).  Meg’s tooth was so loose, that I took a picture of it.  

***Meg’s tooth at the Ranger’s Game***IMG_1533    

Over the weekend, we thought for sure that her tooth would fall out.  She spent the night with a friend on Saturday night.  Sunday afternoon, we went swimming at Boompaw and Nawnaw’s.  Still, that tooth wouldn’t fall out.

Monday morning, Jarrad made an attempt to pull it out, but was unsuccessful. 

Imagine my surprise when Meg came bursting thru the door screaming that she lost her tooth at school.  Actually, to say she lost her tooth is a lie – she pulled it out. herself.  in the bus line.  after school. 

Seriously, this girl is tough, tough, tough! 

Since she pulled it out at school, I was able to capture her looking in the mirror for the first time with her new toothless grin.  She was so happy. 

***Meg looking at her goofy grin for the first time***IMG_1574 IMG_1575

***So proud***IMG_1577

Not that I wanted to see the tooth (as I mentioned, I really can’t stomach teeth), but I made her show it to me.  She ripped open the small envelope that one of the teachers in the bus line gave her, like it was a Christmas gift and displayed her first tooth with pride.  I was surprised at how small it seemed in her hand. 

***Meg and her tooth***IMG_1582

***Meg’s tooth***IMG_1581

Before Megan was born, my SIL’s mom made Megan a tooth fairy pillow from fabric that we used in her nursery.  It was super adorable and I knew that one day it would be perfect for Megan. 

We put her tooth in the small pocket on the front and closed it up.  Meg could hardly wait for the tooth fairy to come visit.  IMG_1584

Tuesday morning, Meg woke up and found 2 $5 bills in the pocket where she had put her tooth on Monday night.  She also had a certificate from the tooth fairy saying that she had picked up Meg’s tooth. 

I can’t believe Meg is growing up so fast.  If only I could get time to stand still.  It’s all going by too fast!  WAY.  TOO.  FAST!


CourtneyKeb said...

A certificate too?
Super cool!

mle said...

Congrats to Megan on pulling her own tooth!! That pillow is so stinkin' cute! And how fun to get a certificate! My little guy turns 21 tomorrow and way back when he needed Dr. Dad/DDS *not really a Dr* to help with the first 2 because he waited so long the permanent ones were coming in.

Lisa said...

Dropping in from NFF...
2 $5 bills?!? Wow, the tooth fairy has really gotten loaded since she came to visit me!

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