Birthday weekend

Meme, Poppy, Taylor, Ruth & Luke came to Mansfield this weekend for Meg’s birthday party.  Meme & Poppy came in on late Thursday night.  They didn’t get to Mansfield until after Meg’s bedtime, so when I woke Megan up Friday morning, I told her to go look in the guest room.  She was so surprised both of them. 

Poppy, Meme and I ran a few errands to get ready for Meg’s birthday party.  We also went to lunch with Megan.  Meg’s face is beat read in the picture because some genius thinks that recess BEFORE lunch is a good idea. 

Meg Meme Lunch 

Ruth, Taylor & Luke got in around 9:00pm Friday night.  We were so excited they were able to make it for the weekend. 

IMG_4222 IMG_4223

Since Meme, Poppy & I ran most of the errands for the birthday party on Friday, we got to do some shopping on Saturday.  Taylor was looking for some Tech gear and we needed to go to the mall to pick up Meg’s birthday cake.  While we were at the mall, we let the kids play in the play area for a little while and they also rode the merry-go-round. 


Saturday night was Meg’s party – stay tuned for a post all of it’s own :)

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