Labor Day Weekend – Parade

I think this is the first time since Jarrad and I have been together that we didn’t go out to the ranch for some dove hunting.  Unfortunately, Jarrad had to work and couldn’t get the weekend off, so Meg & I headed to San Antonio for the weekend.

***Meg, Maddie & Gus***


***Maddie, Megan, & Layton at the parade***


***Super adorable Gus and Jamie***



We drove down on Friday afternoon after Meg got out of school.  Saturday morning, Meg and I headed to Boerne to go to the Kendall County Parade with our favorite friends, The Middletons.  We spent most of the day with them, before heading back to Meme & Poppy’s house for the evening.  Layton had a birthday party for a friend, so Maddie came back with Meg & me to the house.  Jamie, Lath & Layton joined us later for dinner.    

Megan and Maddie had so much fun playing at the house.  They both love the movie Avatar, so they played Avatar most of the afternoon.  Maddie had even made them some bows for “hunting”.  The ran thru the creek bottom and in the woods for hours.  A little later, they fished for tadpoles in dad’s pond.  After fishing, they swam for a little while. 

 IMG_3972 IMG_3981IMG_3985

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Jamie said...

Such a neat pic of Mads in your parents back yard! We had such a great time. Thank you for including us in your weekend! TCOY!

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