She loves her roller blades!

Meme and Poppy bought Meg a pair of roller blades for her birthday this year at her request.  Back in February, Meg tried on a pair at Sports Authority and instantly wanted them.  Jarrad and I told her that we would not buy them for her until she learned to ride her bike.  It worked out because she started riding her bike in May, which gave her a few months to get good at that. 

While Meme and Poppy were visiting, we took Megan up to Academy to pick out her birthday present.  Meme wanted to make sure that we got her the ones that she wanted.  Meme let her open them at her birthday party on Saturday. 

Sunday afternoon, I took Megan and Rebekah around the neighborhood on their roller blades.  Meg’s first outing on her roller blades went well, but she held my hand the whole time.  Monday after school, Meg was super excited to get her roller blades back on and didn’t want my help this time.  She rolled back and forth across the driveway a few times and then she went out to the street.  I was shocked at how much confidence she had gained in just one day. 

IMG_4378 IMG_4381 

Of course, she fell a few times, but it’s all part of the process.  I’m sure she’ll fall a lot more over her years.  Thankfully her fall was broken by her protective gear that Meme and Poppy also gave her. 


She’s still super excited about roller blading!  This smile says it all.   IMG_4399

Stay tuned for a post about skating lessons :)

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Valdir Jorge said...

Please, please, please, give her a helmet! The head is the most important part to be protected...

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