Meg’s sixth birthday was great.  I woke her up by singing Happy Birthday to her.  Then, I carried her into our room to snuggle before it was time for us to rush through the house getting ready for school. 

Of course, I made her do pictures in the driveway.  This year, she was a willing participant. 

 IMG_3844 IMG_3856

That night, Meg and I met Daddy, Boompaw and Nawnaw for dinner at Spaghetti Warehouse (Meg’s favorite).  We were early, so Meg, Jarrad and I shared a drink at the bar.  The bartender gave Meg a frosty glass of milk.  She loved it. 

IMG_3873 IMG_3882

After dinner, Meg, Jarrad and I headed home so Meg could open up her gifts from us.  I loved the wrapping :) 

IMG_3892 IMG_3896 IMG_3902 IMG_3913

All-in-all, it was a GREAT birthday.  I still can’t believe she’s six.  We are having Meg’s birthday party on September 11.  I can’t wait. 

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