Labor Day - Party

Meme & Poppy had a party Labor Day weekend at the house.  It was a GREAT party.  Everyone visited, we ate AMAZING bar-b-q, swam, laid out and pitched washers.  Meg was so excited that some of the guys swam with her – they let her climb all over them. 

***Meg & Poppy***
IMG_4056  IMG_4079

Tuffy is one of mom and dad’s oldest friends.  Dad and Tuffy went to High School together.  I have so many childhood memories with Tuffy in them.  Watching Meg and him play in the pool brought back so many of those memories.  Tuffy was always willing to get in the lake with us when we were little kids to let us stand on his shoulders or to throw us.  I’m so thankful that Meg will have memories with him too. 

***Tuffy & Megan***
IMG_4095 IMG_4112

***Meg & Uncle Kyle***IMG_4121    

***Meg, Parker & Meme watching the washer games***IMG_4162 

The weekend in San Antonio was perfect.  We all had a GREAT time. 

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