Her own space

After the first day of being stuck in the house, Meg found her own little space for some privacy in my hamper.  Thankfully we were doing laundry so all the hampers were empty.


Meg spent a good part of the day in the hamper reading and playing with her baby dolls.  She hung her lantern from Gunner’s collar to light up the hamper so she could close the doors.  I think she really needed some time to herself. 


She was so happy to be in there and was so content to have her own little space.  I think that being cooped up in the house was starting to get to all of us, so the hamper was her little get-a-way.  


She begged me to let her sleep in there and tried to prove to me that it was comfortable.  She did get her way, she actually fell asleep in there, but Jarrad moved to her to her room before we went to bed. 


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