Don’t want to forget…

It seems that I always have more to post than time to post about it.  Here are a few things I don’t want to forget from January 2011. 

This is a sign at QT.  It reads “WARNING:  Quik Trip gasoline is not intended for use in aircraft engines.”  Really, I don’t recall seeing any aircrafts pulling up.  Very random! 



Words with Friends is a huge distraction.  I usually have about 20 games going at once.  I love every play – especially when I score big.  I love winning. 

IMG_7027 copy


Flat Stanley came to visit us very briefly. 

IMG_7055 copy


We spent one Saturday morning skating at the rink. 

IMG_7122 copy


We ventured to the Fort Worth Science museum after our day at the rodeo. 



Meg played with the twins…a lot!



We bought a new TV and had to wait a week for it to be delivered. 



I cleaned out my junk drawer in the kitchen – it was a disaster!!!


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