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My office recently moved to a new location, so I have been on the lookout for some decorations for my new office (actually, it’s a cube).  I knew I wanted to find a cute way to display pictures of Meg and the dogs, but didn’t want to use boring photo frames. 
Meg and I went to Michael’s for some supplies to create canvas prints.  I had originally planned on doing 5x7 prints, but found some 6x6 canvases and fell in love with them.  With a little scrapbook paper, mod podge and pictures, I was able to create some great canvas prints. 

***three canvases***

***one layer of mod podge***

***mod podge – matte***

***scrapbook paper and photo applied***IMG_7313

***mod podge starting to dry***IMG_7314

***the final product***
I love how the canvases turned out and think I will make some for the house.  Meme already asked me to create one for her with pictures of Megan and Luke. 


Anonymous said...

I Love, Love, Love this!! Very cute and creative Allison! Great job! Thanks for the ideas...now, where to I want some cute canvas pics of Kate...OH...that's right...everywhere! Stay warm and happy weekend!

Texanchica said...

These are awesome! I want some.

Ranger Rik said...

How did you connect all three of them together?

Anonymous said...

Found you on Pinterest and I love your project. Did you print your pictures on regular paper or photo paper?

L Jensen said...

Question: I just tried this project. When I placed my photo (printed on matte photo paper) on the painted canvas with the Mod Podge -- the photo started "bubbling!" The more I tried to smooth the photo back into place -- the more creased an bubbled it became!

Did I miss something? Did you have this same thing occur as you were first doing this project?

Help -- PLEASE! This is a Christmas present for my daughter and I have limited time to complete!!! Thanks!!!!

Anonymous said...

I had the same problem with bubbling! I am making Christmas gifts!

Anonymous said...

This will problably sound really rude, if so I'm sorry. But I don't think that the instructions are very clear. Love the idea and would like to try it, but not sure how to attach all 3 of the canvas's together. Thank you

Anonymous said...

Are the pictures printed on the scrap paper you mention?? Are they all connected together hot glueing the ribbon on the back of the canvas?? If you love love love comments, please respond to them. Otherwise you will lose readers.

Anonymous said...

Great Idea although I'm curious as well how to attach the ribbon. If any1 has had success please share �� I would think a dab of hot glue might be ok but idk might melt/burn canvas...? Staples maybe?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

where did you print the 6 x 6 photos.... I went to walgreens and Cosco photos and neither has the size.

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