Happy Father's Day...

Or as Meg would say "Happy Mother's Day".

We went over to Leigh Ann's house for Father's Day. It was a great day. Meg loves seeing her Auntie Lee Lee, Unk and Boompaw. She's always the center of attention.

I think Jarrad had a wonderful father's day. Nothing is better than hearing your daughter wish you a happy (insert which ever holiday/celebration here) Father's day.

Did I mention that I'm completely over the rain?!? It has been raining and raining and raining and raining in Texas and it just won't stop. I have to be honest though - the rain has kept the weather cool, and I've gotten to hang out with Jarrad a lot on the weekends. Can't wash cars if it's raining :) But, really - I'm over the rain. Or, at least if it could rain on the week days instead of the weekends, that would be better.

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