So sleepy...

Meg decided that she needed some milk to drink at 3:00am last night. Imagine this...I'm sleeping peacefully and I hear a quietly whispered "Mama", followed immediately by a loudly shouted "Mama". Scared me so bad I was glad I was sleeping with my back to the outside - otherwise, I would have probably lashed out with my arms in self defense.

So, I climb out of bed...this is when Meg informs me that she wants to ride me piggy back. So, she climbs up on the bed, climbs onto my back and off to the kitchen we go to get some milk. We have milk and she goes right back to bed - no fuss. Of course, as I'm tucking her in, she reminds me that "Daddy is taking me to school and you're picking me up". She's very particular about things.

Well, I thought the rest of my night would be peaceful - no more interruptions...boy was I wrong. Around 3:40, I am jolted awake by a sweet, soft hand that is laid on my face. It was Megan again...this time she informs me that she wants me to come sleep in her big girl bed with her. I didn't really think that sounded as comfy as my bed did, so I invited her into bed with me. I know I should have put her back to her bed, I just couldn't - after all, there is plenty of room in our bed for her. That being said, she only slept with us for about an hour - around 4:30, I picked her up, carried her back to her room and laid her down. She never even woke up.

Such a sweet angel!

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