The Dress Adventure

So, as promised....here is the dress adventure story.

As I mentioned in an early post, I had to take Megan to get fitted for her Flower Girl dress on Saturday. So, right after swimming lessons, Meg and I headed over the David's Bridal to get her fitted for her "Princess Dress". We walk in and I tell the woman who has been assigned to help us which dress we need. We go straight to the Flower Girl section and pick up the dress. So of course, we had to go look in the mirror at the Princess (she refers to herself as Princess Angel). She is twirling around and dancing around like you wouldn't imagine - it was adorable. I then ask the woman if she has a few pairs of shoes Meg can try on. She brings out two pairs and I put one of each shoe on Meg's feet. She lifts up her dress to look at them in the mirror. I tell her that she needs to pick her favorite pair. She picks a pair that is open toed - they were my choice too. Sooo cute! Here is a picture taken with my phone of Meg in the dressing room - isn't she adorable.

Then comes the tough part - explaining to Megan that she is going to have to take the dress off and we're going to have to order her one (the dress we're ordering is actually brown and ivory, not pink and white). I also have to explain to her that we can't take the shoes with us either. She started crying and couldn't stop - it was so sad. Here is the picture of her in the car after I've tried to calm her down for 20 minutes...nothing I said would make her stop crying! It was breaking my heart into a million pieces!

I finally got her calmed down when I suggested that we go to Toys-R-Us to pick her out a new toy. She picked out a new baby stroller for her baby and 6 pairs of princess shoes.

What a crazy experience that was for me!

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