Christmas Eve 2009

Christmas Eve for the Wray family was at my parent's house this year.  Dad, Jarrad and Taylor cooked some ribs and chicken for dinner and mom and I threw togetfer some bad ass beans.  Aunt Lanie, Uncle Steve, Stephanie, Tom (Steph's fiance), and his mom and sister joined us for dinner and Christmas Eve celebrations.  It was great to see everyone. 

In keeping our family Christmas traditions alive, Meg decorated cookies for Santa.  It turned out to be a big hit with everyone.  We decorated and ate cookies after dinner. 

***decorating cookies with Uncle Steve***

***the beginning of a gold star***

***family gathered around the table***

***beautiful cookies***

***Steph and Meg decorating cookies***

***Poppy supervising***

***Aunt Lanie gave Meg a key for Santa for Christmas***

***Uncle Steve and Meg being goofy***

***Poppy & Big Unk***

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