Bruce - I remember the day I got you...June 11, 2003. You had 7 miles on you. I was so excited when he dealership driver called to tell me he was close to the house. I left work as fast as I could to meet him. By the time I got to the house, you were already parked in my driveway. Jarrad was there too. I was sad to see Mack go, but it was time.

We've been thru a lot together...

You took me to my first doctor appointment when I was pregnant with Megan.
You were there when Dixie got sick to help me cart her back and forth to the vet.
You delivered Megan and me home safely from the hospital when she was born.
You took Megan to her first month check up at the doctors office.
You drove me to take Megan to day care for the first time.
You took Meg to her first swimming lesson.
You have taken countless road trips to SA with me to visit my family, countless trips to the in-laws house, countless trips to the grocery store.
You took me to Houston to visit Taylor & Ruth when they lived there.
You helped me move to our new home in Mansfield.
You have let me cry in the doctor's parking lot after 2 miscarriages.
You took Megan to her first dance lesson.
You drove me to Johnson City (and then to Fredericksburg) to visit Kyle & Sheryl.
Just recently, you drove Megan to her first day of Kindergarten.
You took Megan to her first soccer game.

I have so many memories that you are part of! Let's hope we have another 100K before we have to part!

I love you!

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