Getting ready for Santa

Before Megan went to bed on Christmas Eve, she had to get ready for Santa and his reindeer.  The first thing she did was put out her reindeer food.  She sprinkled on the front step and sidewalk.  She was so excited I could hardly get her to agree to taking a picture first. 

***Getting ready to put out the reindeer food***

***sprinkling the reindeer food***

Of course, we had to put Santa's key out for him.  We wanted to make sure that he would be able to get into the house.  Even though mom and dad have a chimney and fireplace, Meg wanted to leave out the key.  She said it was because we had a fire chimney and didn't want Santa to get burnt.  What a smart little one. 

***Meg after she hung the key on the door***

***Meg and mommy before bed***

***Meg, Daddy & Mommy***

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