In between...

...our Thanksgivings, we went to SA for a visit.

Meg had the whole week off for Thanksgiving, so we loaded up on Friday and headed to SA for a short visit. I let Meg skip school on Friday so we could get to SA early.

Our visit to SA was great. We spent lots of time with my family and our friends. Time always seems to go by so fast when we're home. Friday night, we headed to El Jarro to meet Ruth, Taylor and Luke for dinner. Meg was so happy to see her cousin Luke. He's so adorable!

Saturday, we headed to Cabelas for a little Christmas shopping. Taylor came over to the house first thing in the morning and he loaded up in the car for the hour drive. I was able to finish up my shopping for Jarrad while we were there. It feels so good to be done with him!

Saturday night, Jamie & Maddie came over. We always love seeing them. Lath & Layton were hunting, so they couldn't make it. But, we were glad that Jamie & Maddie were able to make it.

Sunday morning, Jamie and I drove up to Johnson City to meet Sheryl for some shopping in Fredericksburg. We headed over to trade days for some shopping and browsing. I was still in Christmas shopping mode, so I managed to pick a few things up while we were there. As lunch approached, we decided to head into town for lunch at Wheelers. Jamie recommended it and it was wonderful.

Sunday after shopping, we dropped Jamie off and headed back to Meme & Poppy's to celebrate Kyle's birthday. It was great that we were all able to be there to help Kyle celebrate his birthday (except for Jarrad, he was hunting).

We had a busy week...including a Spurs game (for me) w/ Jamie (to be blogged about soon).

***Poppy wanted a picture with Meg on his Harley***
***they are like two peas in a pod***

***adorable Luke***

***Meg and Luke at El Jarro. I have a feeling that they will have lots of memories from El Jarro***

***Poppy showing off his Harley-Davidson jacket***

***Taylor played dress up in dad's bike gear***

***Meg was the vita mixer girl all week***

Meme and Poppy asked me to take some pictures of them with the grandchildren for their Christmas cards. If only we could have gotten Luke and Megan to look at the camera and smile at the same time.

Meg and I had to leave out on Wednesday so we could celebrate Thanksgiving with Nina and Jarrad's siblings in Dallas. We were sad to go, but happy to be heading home.

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