SA Visit for Christmas

Meg and I drove to San Antonio the Saturday before Christmas to spend the week with my parents.  Friday night before we left was a little rough for Megan...she was up with a horrible cough, a sore throat, a fever, and just not feeling well at all. 

The car had already been loaded up with all of our stuff for the trip to SA, so Meg and I decided to make the drive down to SA.  Once we got there, Meme and I decided to take Megan to Good Night Pediatrics to see if she had sore throat.  I had a suspicion that she did.  Tests confirmed what we already knew.  So, it was off to Walgreens to get her antibiotics and some more Motrin. 

After getting off to a somewhat rough start with our visit to SA, the rest of the week was wonderful.  One day, we kept my adorable nephew, Luke.  He's such a great baby.  Meg had so much fun helping me babysit him.  She fed him his morning bottle and his lunch.  She played on the floor with him.  It was so great to see her interacting with him.  Luke loved it when Meg pretended to sneeze.  She's a GREAT big cousin. 

That evening, Mom and Dad took all of us (except Jarrad) to see the Lion King at the Majestic Theater.  IT. WAS. AMAZING.  I found myself watching Meg often - her expressions were great.  She had a wonderful time.  The next morning when she woke up, she told me that she dreamed all night about the Lion King. 

***Meg and Luke in front of the Christmas tree***

***Dixie laying in front of the fire place***

***Meg feeding Luke is morning bottle***

***Lunch time with Luke***

***Isn't he adorable***

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