Christmas Eve

The years that we stay in town for Christmas, we always have the same routine. Christmas Eve at Jarrad's mom's house, Christmas morning at Jarrad's dad's.

Christmas Eve, we also decorate cookies for Santa. Meg really loves this. This year, Jarrad even got in the spirit and decorated a few. I was impressed with his creativeness.

After cookie decorating, we sat down for a wonderful dinner to eat and visit. Meg was so excited about opening gifts, she just kept asking and asking. I remember when I was growing up that I used to be so impatient with the adults because they never seemed to be in a hurry to open the presents. Eventually, she won and we opened gifts. Nina completely spoiled all of us (as usual).

***Jarrad decoraing a snowflake***
***Meg adding the final touches***

***Meg & Daddy***

***Meg on Christmas Eve***
***Meg "sleeping" on one of Jarrad's gift boxes***

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