The hair cut story...

After Christmas, Meg decided she wanted to get her hair cut "short". So, I took her to Cool Cuts for Kids" in Arlington. She wanted her hair a little below her shoulders...this is what it looked like when we left (forgive the photo quality - it was taken with my phone).

As you can see, the left side is MUCH shorter than the right side. I loved her hair this link, but the unevenness (is that a word) was driving me crazy. The back was even worse - I could have done a better job...actually, the one time I did cut her hair, I did do a better job.

So, two days after i tried to live with her horrible hair cut we headed out to get her hair fixed. Meg ended up with the cutest hair cut in the world. I love her new do and so does she. We drove to Southlake so we could go to Sweet & Sassy for the hair cut fix. If you have a little girl, you must take her here - this was the cutest place I've ever seen and not over priced. Meg's new hair cut is a little high maintainence, but she doesn't fuss about it. She lets me blow dry and style it every night when she gets out of the bath and every morning for a few touch ups after sleeping on it. All-in-all, I'm in love with this new hair cut!!!

***Meg's new hair cut***

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