Christmas Morning

After we left Nina's house on Christmas Eve, we headed over to Boompaw & Nawnaw's (Jarrad's dad and step-mom) to spend the night so we would all be there first thing on Christmas morning.

Christmas morning, I had to wake Meg up. When I went into the room she was sleeping in, I started to rub her back and get her up. She mumbled to me - five more minutes...but, when I told her Santa had come, she jumped up out of bed. She went running down the hallway and was so excited about everything that Santa brought her.

***Santa's delivery***
***Jarrad and Meg looking at all her new toys***

***Meg's new kitty***

After Boompaw and Daddy got all of her new toys out of their packaging (toy companies should really rethink how they package toys...is there a reason it takes 30+ minutes to get a toy for a four-year old out of the box?), we heard a knock at the door - wouldn't you know it, Santa walked in.

***Meg and Santa***

We had a great Christmas with Boompaw and Nawnaw.

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