Meg and I flew down to SA on Saturday morning. Meg was so excited about flying. She kept telling me that she hadn't been on an airplane in a long time (she was right). She was quite entertaining while we were waiting for the plane at the airport. She brought her "iPod" (it's actually a MP3 player) and was singing out loud. It was so funny because the only thing on her iPod is the soundtrack from Mama Mia (her new favorite movie). After we got on the plane and the flight attendant said it was ok to use electronic devices, she turned on her iPod and started singing again (out loud). I kept looking over at her and giving her the "shush" signal. She would quiet down for a few minutes, then it was back to the loud singing. Lucky for us, the plane wasn't full and everyone around us didn't seem to mind. As we were deplaning, other passengers kept telling her how cute she was.

***There was so much static in the plane that Meg's hair wouldn't stay down***

Sunday was Meme's birthday, so all the girls went to the nail salon for pedicures. It was so much fun. Meg acts like an old pro when getting her nails painted. I'm definitely going to regret turning into her into such a diva.

After our pedicures, we went home for a little while to regroup, then headed to El Jarro for mom's birthday dinner. We met the Koppes/Boones and had a great time visiting with everyone. Kyle and Sheryl brought a birthday cake for Meme and we all sang, then she blew out the candle.

Before we came to San Antonio, Poppy told Meg that he would buy her a new baby doll...as you can see, she ended up with twins. The twins are girls, that Meg named Kara and Lucy.
***Kara, Meg, Lucy***

On Monday, I had a follow up appt for my back (this was the whole reason for the trip to SA). The appt went well. Dr. Meadows was impressed with my ability to bend over while I'm sitting and cleared me to start trying to bend over while standing up. I never thought I'd be excited that I can start trying to load the dishwasher. I was most excited that I was released to take a bath and get in the hot tub.
***Me in the hot tub, Sheryl in the background***

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Sue said...

you chopped off meg's hair! damn, she's cute!

i'm so impressed by your speedy recovery. you are amazing!!!

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