Girls Weekend

Jarrad went out of town this weekend. so Meg and I had a girls weekend. Of course, it wasn't super fun because we were both sick, but we made the best of it.

Friday afternoon, I took Meg to Michael's Craft Store to buy a craft project that we could do while daddy was gone. She chose a spiral painter. Friday night, we ordered a pizza, painted with her spiral painter, watched a movie, then headed to bed.

***Meg getting ready to paint***
***the first drop (stream) of paint***

***more paint***

***so pretty***

***one of Meg's masterpieces***

Saturday, I took Meg to the movies to see Hotel for Dogs. She loved it. Of course, she loves any movie that has dogs in it. After the movie, we went to Borders Bookstore, snuggled up in a chair with our hot chocolate and read a few Fancy Nancy books. It was such a great day, just the two of us.
Saturday evening, when we got back to the house, Meg crashed out on the couch for a late nap. She slept until close to 8:30. She got up, had a piece of left over pizza, then curled back up on the couch. Around 10:00, she said she was ready for bed, so off she went.
We love girls weekend!

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