New Kitchen

Right before Christmas, we cleaned out the play room (we purge toys before birthday and Christmas every year). One of the things Meg wanted to get rid of was her Dora Dora Kitchen. She said it was too little for her and that she wanted one with a microwave. I explained to her that there wasn't anything wrong with the Dora kitchen and that I couldn't promise that she would get a new one. It didn't seem to sink in - she still wanted to part with the Dora Kitchen.

Christmas came and went and she never really mentioned a replacement kitchen (thankfully). Then, on Sunday night, our neighbor (one of Meg's friends) put this out on their driveway. Of course, the desire to have a kitchen came crawling back. She just had to have it. After talking to her friend, she found out that they were going to get rid of it. Her friend then told her that she could have it.

We walked over there today and brought it to the house. I set her up in the driveway with a bucket of soapy water and told her that before we could bring it in, we had to clean it. She was so excited about cleaning. Of course, we all know how much she loves to clean, so that wasn't a huge request.

After cleaning for over an hour (she left no nook or cranny untouched), we were able to bring the kitchen into it's new home. She's in love with it. We went up to Walmart to get a few kitchen accessories and she's all set. We owe the neighbors for being so sweet.

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Angelique said...

Ave has the same kitchen...so fun! And Meg looks so excited about it :)

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