No more flu shots for Meg! EVER!!!

Poor Meg, she has had a rough week. Saturday, she spent the night with Boompaw and Nawaw. Then, we met them for dinner on Sunday to get her back. She was overly tired when we got home, which is usually the case with her after she spends time at Boompaw and Nawnaw's house.

Monday, her day care was closed for teacher in service, so she stayed home with me. Hailey came over to play for a while, then we went to lunch with Hailey, Jessica, and Haiden.

When we got home, Meg's friends were outside playing. She asked if she could play and I told her no. She needed to come in and lay down. She didn't even argue. That should have been a red flag. When she woke up from her nap, she was running a low grade fever, but I decided to let her go to swimming anyway.

On Tuesday morning, I let her sleep in before I took her to school. I dropped her off around 9:30 and the school called at 11:00 to tell me that she was running a 102.7 fever. I don't guess I'll be mother of the year for sending my baby girl to school with a fever...but, when I took her she wasn't running a fever.

I picked her up and we went to urgent care. A few hours later, we were able to see the doctor and turns out my child has the flu. Yes, the dang flu! We are on house arrest until Sunday.

***Meg at the doc office***
***Flu baby***

***Does this look like the face of a child with the flu***

***my sweet angel***

Tuesday was a pretty bad day. After we went to Walgreens, Meg laid on the couch all day curled up under a blanket watching movies and dozing in and out of sleep. While we were at Walgreens, Meg picked out some press on nails. Of course, when we got home she had to put them on. Below are some pictures of her sleeping in her new nails. I had to get the below pictures because of the way she is hold her hands. I love how she's holding her hands up so she doesn't "ruin" her nails. too cute!
***Meg sleeping with her new nails***

***so adorable***

***poor baby***

***the beautiful nails***


Chelle said...

Oh, poor Meg :(

Sending lots of get well vibes your way!

And the sleeping pics of her and her nails? Priceless!

Darla said...

Ah, poor Meg! I so love the nails!

I too sent Lawson to school on Tuesday with fever and Matt had to pick him up. He better and it only was fever that lasted for one day??

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