Meme and Poppy Visit

Last weekend, Meme and Poppy came to visit. We were so happy to have them for a long weekend. They got to the house around 4:00 on Thursday afternoon and stayed thru Sunday morning. It was a great weekend.

Thursday night, we took them to eat sushi. They are both such rookies...their favorite was the California roll. Although, they did try everything we ordered. I think they had a good experience, but I don't think they'll be going to eat sushi on their own.

After the sushi dinner, we came back home to play some golf, followed by a friendly game of bowling. Dad and Jarrad played a quick three holes of golf. Poppy was so funny. He completely over analyzed every move he made. It was great to see him having so much fun with a video game.

***Jarrad putting******Poppy putting***

***Final Score. Go Poppy***

After the quick golf game, it was time to bowl. I sat the first few games out so I could take some pictures from the comfort of my recliner (I was doing my bone stimulator). Of course, as mentioned above, Poppy was over analyzing everything. Meme's first game wasn't great, but she figured it out quick and was throwing strikes like a crazy woman. We all had a great time. Jarrad got out some pretzels and was drinking a beer - he said it felt just like the real bowling alley.
***Meme getting ready to bowl***


***Final Score***

I will post more about our weekend with Meme and Poppy later. We had a wonderful time (I think I already said that).

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