Weekend continued...

When Poppy is in town, he has a list of "must eat" places. I've posted about his ways before. Click here for a refresher. Every visit is the same, we hit Outback Steakhouse, Mexican Inn, Mamas Pizza, Braum's, and Chicken Express. This visit, we only hit two of dad's favorites, I'm sure he was disappointed, but he survived.

I took Friday off to hang out with Meg and Meme. Poppy had to go to Dallas for a business meeting in the morning. It worked out perfect because Meme and I were able to drag Meg around to a few places we had to go. We hit Target to pick up a baby gift for a family friend, then went to Barnes & Noble. Meme and I both knew exactly what we were looking for. She wanted a book about the tricks her iPhone will do and I bought "5 Conversations You Must Have With Your Daughter", so we were in and out. After Barnes and Noble, we headed to Lamps Plus. Since Jarrad and I bought a new bed, I needed new night side lamps. Our bed is too high, so our old lamps just looked silly. We found the perfect lamps - they wall mount lamps and we both LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them!

After the morning shopping, we met Poppy for a lunch. Poppy suggested Applebees, so Meg, Meme and I headed over there. As we were walking into the restaurant, we saw Poppy's truck, so we knew he was right behind us, so we expected him shortly. The wait seemed a little long, then Meme's phone rang. Poppy said he was in the restaurant and couldn't find us. We told him where we were sitting...and then asked him if he was at Applebees or On The Border. Turns out he wasn't even at the right place. Meme and I laughed at Poppy's "senior moment".

On Friday night, we went to Outback - had to at least check that off his list. We always have a good meal at Outback. I think that is why Poppy always has that at the top of his list. After we had all eaten entirely too much, we came back to the house for some bowling. Poppy is so addicted to the Wii that my parents actually bought one when they got back to San Antonio on Sunday. (On a side note, I'm happy to report that Poppy bowled a 228 yesterday afternoon - he's so proud).

Saturday, we went to Bass Pro Shop, Rain Forrest Cafe for lunch, then to Cabelas. We were gone all day long. My dad was looking for something particular...neither Bass Pro or Cabelas had it. Poor Poppy.

***Meg at Bass Pro***

***Meg and Mommy at Bass Pro***

***Meg and Daddy at Rain Forrest Cafe***

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