We will miss you!!!

It is with a heavy heart that I write this post. A few weeks ago, our black lab got sick and passed away. Over the last six years, he has brought us a love that will never be forgotten.

Ace, we love you and will always remember you in our hearts! Thank you for all your "sloppy sugars" and drooling all over my floors after you took a drink. Thank you for sleeping with Meg every night to fight off the monsters and all the bad things in the night. Thank you for being such a wonder brother to Megan and Dixie. Thank you for always letting Dixie win when we played fetch (we all knew that you were much faster than her, but you always let her win). Thank you for the laughs you brought into our lives. We will always love you!!!

***Meg & Ace in November, 2008***
On Saturday, Meg decided she wanted to buy a balloon to give to you. She wanted us to tie a note to the balloon so you would know that she loves you. I wrote the note for her and she signed it. I think her note says it all!!!
***the note***

***The balloon***

***before Meg let go of the balloon, she reminded Ace of how much she loves him***

***letting go***

***one squeeze***

***Ace, we love you***


Darla said...

Oh now that is too sweet. I have tears in my eyes from those great pictures of Meg.

Chelle said...

Oh, Allison, I'm so sorry for your loss :( I got all teary reading this...the loss of a pet is so hard.

Big (((hugs))) and I know Ace loved his sweet letter and balloon.

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