April Showers

This week, we had a few rainy days. On Wednesday, we had a small break in the rain, so Meg asked if she could go swing on her play set. I didn't see why not, so out she went (with a dish towel to dry off her swing). After about 10 minutes, I suddenly hear what can only be explained as hard, hard rain. I peak out of my office window and sure enough, it's pouring down outside. I run to the patio to check on Meg and she is up on the covered porch, trying to stay dry from the rain.
I could see that she was disappointed because she didn't get to play outside very long. So, I ask her "do you want to play in the rain?" I'm not even sure she responded - she just ran into the rain screaming and giggling. She had a blast and was soaked from head to toe.
There is something special about...
***little girl feet splashing in a rain puddle***
***the innocent joy of something that I (as an adult) take for granted***
***an upset little girl, when there was a small break in the rain***
***the victorious cheer when it started up again***
***sitting in the water pouring out of the drain spout***
***giggling after her shorts are soaking wet***
***not caring that her clothes are soaked and sticking to her***
***deciding to "wash" her hair in the down spout out pouring***
***jumping for joy with a carefree attitude***
***splashing in the puddles on the patio***
***catching water***
***and then washing her face***
***so refreshing***
***watching the water fill up her small hands***
Meg - I hope you find as much joy in life as you do in the small things!

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Darla said...

What a great mommy you are for letting her enjoy the rain. These are great pictures.

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