We love the Ft. Worth Zoo

Last Saturday, Megan and I met Nawnaw at the zoo for the day. It turned out to be a perfect day for visiting the zoo even though there was rain in the forecast. It didn't rain a drop at the zoo and I think the forecast really helped with the attendance. Meg, Nawnaw and I have zoo passes, so we figured if it rained or was to crowded we would just leave.

We met at the zoo around 11:00 and left around 2:30. I'm so glad we got the zoo passes this year. I don't feel like we have to see everything at each visit. Spending all day at the zoo with Meg can be a challenge because she starts to get tired of walking around and wants to be carried. She's to heavy for me to carry longer than five or ten minutes because of my surgery, so it's a constant battle.

***The Orangutans******Mandrill Monkey***

***Nawnaw & Meg***
***This blue-billed duck was absolutely beautiful***

***the pink flamingo***

***Meg and a bronze Kangaroo statue***

***this little penguin was absolutely adorable.
He just stood in front of the glass window letting everyone take pictures***

We had a great time at the zoo and are looking forward to many more trips!!!

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