Alley Cats

Last Friday, Jarrad and I took Megan bowling for the very first time. We gave her the option of putt-putt golf or bowling....guess you know which she chose. She had such a good time. We had the bumpers up on the lanes after about the 2nd or 3rd time she bowled because she kept rolling them into the gutter.

At one point, she told Jarrad that the bowling shoes were "very comfortable". She cracks me up. I was able to snap a few pictures...although, they didn't turn out very well (my battery was going dead). Even though the pictures aren't great, we all had a blast. I can't believe we waited so long to take her bowling.

Meg even bowled two strikes.

***Meg and Mommy***

***Meg getting ready to bowl. If you look down the lane, you'll notice there are only a few pins left standing...she did so good!***

***the scoreboard***

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